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Brent Goose - RinggåsBranta bernicula
Prutgås  - Knortegås - Sepelhanhi - Bernache cravant - Rotgans - Ringelgans - Barnacla Carinegra

Brent Goose can be seen at Skogsøy during the spring, usually towards the end of May or even in early June. Often this species passes during the afternoon and evening - almost equally often they are seen further south at Lista or Jæren and it is then possible to head out knowing they are on their way. The species is also very regular during the autumn  - all autumn records at Skogsøy have been from the first half of September. Most are of the light bellied form hrota.

As for many species of wildfowl the numbers seen at Skogsøy are a lot higher than at Utsira where this species is seen less regularly and in lower numbers.

The blue line shows number of visits, the orange one the number of visits when Brent Geese have been recorded and the green one shows the maximum numbers I have recorded in any three day period.

For further details click here Pictures of Brent Geese

Brent Goose occurrence at Skogsøy

Occurrence of Brent Geese at Skogsøy, Norway
Number of Brent Geese observed by week number at Skogsøy (artsobs)

Maximum: 1700 (26.05.1991)

Migrating Pale-bellied Brent Geese
Part of a flock of Pale-bellied Brents bound for Svalbard, Øygarden, May  2011

Migrating pale-bellied Brent Gesse, Skogsøy, May 2019
Migrating hrota, Skogsøy, May 2019

Migrating pale-bellied Brent Geese, Skogsøy, May 2020
Migrating Brent Geese, Skogsøy, May 2020

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Website: Fugler i Hordaland - Skogsøy i Øygarde


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