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Oiled Long-tailed Duck havelle at Svellingen

The Carnage Continues....
Pictures from yesterday can be found here

Oiled Long-tailed Duck
Badly oiled Long-tailed Duck / Havelle, Svellingen

January 16 2007
Conditions were predictably worse today with more birds affected and those that were oiled earlier now really suffering the effects of the oil on their plumage. Everywhere I visited today there was evidence of oil and dying seabirds. Here are a small selection of the pictures I took today.

And for those who may be wondering  - why didn't I catch some of these unfortunate creatures and take them into care? The answer is I tried, but the shores are slippy with oil and it is impossible to move fast enough to catch the birds before they jump back into the sea.

Moribund female Eider duck

One female Eider that won't be lining her nest with down plucked from her own breast this year.

Moribund female Eider duck

Male eider - barely recognisable
ThThis male Eider is barely recognisable due to the amount of oil on its plumage.

One of a group of oiled Long-tailed Duck at Svellingen
Male Long-tailed duck - not as badly contaminated as some birds with oil on its head and under its tail

Oil on the shore between Sæle and Svellingen

Oil on the shore between Sæle and Svellingen

Oiled Long-tailed Duck, Svellingen

White-tailed Eagle eying up oiled Red-breasted Mergansers
White-tailed Eagle havørn eying up oiled Red-breasted Mergansers

At risk - Purple Sandpipers
These Purple Sandpipers fjæreplytt were seen scurrying over the heavily oiled shoreline at Svellingen

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