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Gullfjell - Species Accounts

On this side a little more detail on selected species is presented. Note that these are based on data up to and including 1999 and thus require something of an update. 

For up tp date histograms showing maximum, total and average numbers for each species go the downloads page. Note that this file requires Microsoft Excel.

Golden Eagle / Kongeørn / Aquila chrysaetos

Golden Eagle are infrequent but regular visitors to Gullfjell. Both juvenile and adult birds have been recorded. Both records involving two birds were during the wintertime.

Golden Eagle occurrence

Sparrowhawk / Spurvhauk /Accipiter nisus

This species is seen irregularly throughout the year, but with a clear peak in the autumn.

Sparrowhawk Occurrence

Rough legged buzzard / Fjellvåk /Buteo Lagopus

This species is largely a summer visitor in Gullfjell, where a few pairs breed each year. They are not always easy to see and can be very unobtrusive. In January 1999 a Rough legged buzzard spent a week or so in the immediate vicinity of Gullfjell. The diagram below shows the pattern of occurrence for the species. It shows the total number of individuals seen by week number since I started birding in Gullfjell.

Rough-legged Buzzard

Rough-legged Buzzard, May 2007

Rough-legged Buzzard Occurrence

Kestrel / Tårnfalk /Falco tinnunculus

In late summer Kestrel are a regular sight in Gullfjell and can be seen anywhere from around the car park up to at least 700m up. They are also occasional winter visitors.

Kestrel Occurrence

Meadow Pipit / Heipipilerke /Anthus pratensis

The histogram below shows the maximum number of Meadow Pipits recorded in a day by week number. This chart is less affected by observer effort than the charts showing the total number recorded by week number

Meadow Pipit Occurrence

White wagtail / Linerle / Motacilla alba

The histogram below illustrates the maximum number of White Wagtail observed in a day during each week number.

White Wagtail Occurrence

Wren / Gjerdesmett /
rTroglodytes troglodytes
Wren is obviously something of a migrant in Gullfjell - unable to tolerate the cold winter weather.

Wren occurrence

Chaffinch / Bokfink /rFringilla coelebs
Chaffinch are a summer visitor, breeding largely in the woods around Svartevatnet. Large numbers pass during migration in September.

Chaffinch Occurrence

European Greenfinch / Grønnfink  / Carduelis chloris
Greenfinch can be seen all year round, usually only in small numbers during the winter but occasioanlly a large roosting flock gathers.
Numbers are swelled during the autumn migration.

Greenfinch Occurence

European Siskin / Grønnsisik / Carduelis spinus
Siskin are a common breeder and autumn passage migrant. Small numbers can also be seen during the winter months.

European Sisikin Occurrence

Common Bullfinch / Dompap / Pyrrhula pyrrhula
This species is an autumn passage migrant and winter visitor in small numbers

Bullfinch Occurrence

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