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Tufted Duck - Toppand - Aythya fuligula
Vigg - Troldand - Tukkasotka - Kuifeend - Reiherente - Fuligule morillon - Porrón Moñudo

Tufted Duck - toppand
Pitcure taken at Rotevatnet, Tjeldstø, October 2010 (DSLR and 400mm telephoto lens - hand held)

Tufted duck are not common in Øygarden for most of the year. The best chance to see them is during the spring migration past Skogsøy or as late autumn and winter visitors in small numbers on fresh water

For more details of this species movements past Skogsøy see here.

Tufted Duck, Øygarden, July 2018
Tufted Duck are an uncommon sighting during the summer in Øygarden, July 2018

Tufted Ducks, Blomvatnet, Øygarden, February 2020
Tufted Ducks, Blomvatnet, Øygarden, February 2020

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