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Treecreeper  - Trekryper - Certhia familiaris
Trädkrypare - Træløber - Puukiipijä - Kortsnavelboomkruiper - Waldbaumläufer - Grimpereau des bois - Agateador Norteño

Treescreeper, TJeldstø, Øygarden
Treecreeper, Tjeldstø, Øygarden, January 2013

Irruptive Treecreeper
Treecreeper at Herdlevær, October 2010

Treecreeper are something of an irruptive species in Øygarden - most years this is a hard species to get and I do not see it every year. 2010 was an especially good year for the species - a year when a number of other irruptive species turned up.

Occurrence of Treecreeper in Øygarden
Ocurrence of Treecreeper in Øygarden - showing a clear peak in the autumn - mostly due to this is when Treecreepers are on the move but no doubt also reflects birder's habits. Øygarden gets a lot more coverage in the autumn!
Data are from artsdatabasen

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