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Subalpine Warbler - Rødstrupesanger - Sylvia cantillans
Rødstrupig sångare - Hvidskægget Sanger -Rusorintakerttu - Baardgrasmus - Curruca Carrasqueña - Fauvette passerinette

Male Subalpine Warbler
Male Subalpine Warbler of eastern race. Found dead on the deck of a vessel approximately a days steaming west of Athens.

This bird was obviously crossing the Mediterranean on its spring migration, 12 March 2010. Strong headwinds were blowing at the time and this bird either died of exhaustion or collided with something onboard during the hours of darkness - I suspect the latter.

More about birding in the Mediterranean here.

Subalpine Warbler, Lanzarote
Migrant Subalpine Warbler, Lanzarote, March 2012
For more about birding on Lanzarote see this page.

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