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Horned Lark (Shorelark) -Fjellerke - Alauda arvensis
Berglärka - Bjerglærke - Tunturikiuru - Strandleeuwerik - Ohrenlerche - Alouette haussecol - Alondra Cornuda Lapona

Shorelark, Valdresflye, Oppland, Norway, July 2017
Shorelark, Valdresflye, Oppland, Norway, July 2017

Shorelark are a bird of upland Norway and are regular in many places including the Hardangervidda and Valdresflye.

The name I grew up with for this species, Shorelark, and the Norwegian name Fjellerke (mountain lark) is a brilliant example of bird names in different countries. In NE England this was a bird seen on beaches in the winter hence the name Shorelark. In Norway this species breeds high up in the mountains and is thus given the name Mountain Lark. Horned Lark is no bad name for describing what it looks like but I still prefer Shorelark or Fjellerke.....

Birding the Hardangervidda

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