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Sandwich Tern - Splitterne - Sterna sandvicensis
Kentsk Tärna  - Splitterne - Riuttatiira

Sandwich tern
It is not just Puffins that can catch and carry many fish at once - this tern is carrying 10 sandeels!

Sandwich Tern with at least 10 sandeels!
Above image is cropped from the picture above it to show the record catch!
According to BWP the most fish recorded for this species is four.

Sandwich Tern

Sandwich Terns are one of the commonest species along the North Northumberland coast - their constant squeaky "rusty bike" calls are one of the characteristic sounds of summer. They breed in large numbers on the Farne Islands.

At Skogsøy in Hordaland, SW Norway this species is something of a rarity, occuring mostly during April.

Pictures taken at Seahouses, Northumberland, July 2007
For more information on birding Northumberland see this link.

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