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European Robin - Rødstrupe - Erithacus rubecula
Rödhake  - Rødhals - Punarinta

Eurasian Robin
The above picture was taken at 05:30 outside Flesland Airport, Bergen, Norway on 06 January 2010 using a hand held DSLR with a 400mm telephoto lens and the camera's built in flash unit.

The temperature was -13C - small wonder this Robin was more or less begging for food outside the main entrance in the middle of the night. Most people walked past without noticing the starving bird at all - until I started pointing my telephoto lens at it.

Tjeldstø, Øygarden, January 2010

European Robin
Digiscoped image, Tjeldstø, 29 January 2006


Rong, Øygarden, 14 February 2007

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