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Common Raven - Ravn - Corvus corax
Korp - Korppi - Raaf - Kolkrabe - Grand Corbeau - Cuervo Común

Raven are one of the typical birds of Øygarden. Always up to something these birds are well worth watching as they often lead one to birds of prey or other interesting finds. I could take plenty of good Raven shots if I put the time and focus in - they regularly fly past the seawatching lookout at Skogsøy but I am almost always intent on other things....

Raven in flight
Raven, Skogsøy, March 2008 (DSLR + 400mm telephoto lens - hand held)

The welcoming committee at Skogsøy - an adult Raven with recently fledged young
The Welcoming Committee, Skogsøy, July 2017
Adult with recently fledged young.

Two young Ravens filmed with a mobile phone. Skogsøy, July 2017
The parents are shouting at them as I approached and they did not fly off - a day or two later when the above photo was taken they were more wary - but I had a functioning telephoto lens again so it didn't matter......

Common Raven
Skogsøy, 09 May 2006 (Digiscoped)
This bird is not calling, but panting to keep cool in the the extreme heat

Common Raven
Skogsøy, 09 May 2006 (Digiscoped)

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