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Little Tern - Dvergterne - Sterna albifrons
Dværgterne - Småtärna - Pikkutiira - Dwergstern - Zwergseeschwalbe - Sterne naine - Charrancito Común - Riuttatiira

Little tern
Little Tern is a bird of the coast I grew up on in north Northumberland. This was before I had a camera and although I still see them back on the home turf it is not often I get to photograph them.
Imagine my surprise when shortly after landing in Iceland almost the first bird I saw was a Little Tern!! Fourth for Iceland (third record). Amazingly this bird was also colour ringed - seems like it came from an Irish colour ringing scheme. I took a few shots and informed Birding Iceland, before we left the first three twitchers arrived:)

Little tern
A record flight shot just to show it was not anything (even) more exciting than Little Tern - the white rump confirms that this was not Least Tern:)

Little tern

Little tern

Little tern

Little Terns are a species that breeds along the North Northumberland coast - a number of colonies are closely gaurded to protect them from foxes and disturbance from people.

Pictures taken at Gardur, Iceland, May 2022
For more information on birding Iceland see this link.

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