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Little Stint - Dvergsnipe - Calidris minuta
Dværgryle - Småsnäppa - Pikkusirri - Kleine strandloper - Zwergstrandläufer - Bécasseau minute - Correlimos Menudo

Little Stint
Above and below: Little Stint at Herdlevær, Øygarden, August 2014

Little Stint

Little Stint are a rare but regular autumn passage migrant in Øygarden. Normally they are fly-bys seen during migration but they also turn up in various habitats - even rocky shores. Looking through flocks of resting or feeding waders on offshore islands can pay dividends.

Little Stint
Little Stint, Herdlevær, 30 August 2014

Little Stint
Picture taken at Herdlevær, Øygarden, August 2014



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