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Eurasian Jay - Nøtteskrike - Garrulus glandarius
Nötskrika - Skovskade - Närhi

Eurasian Jay

Throughout much of Europe the Jay is a common woodland bird; this is not the case in some of the areas I cover in SW Norway where this species occurs more as an irruptive migrant. Under normal circumstances this species is generally very uncommon in Øygarden and is not found on Gullfjell. These two places are therefore well suited to separating real movement from the general increase in visibilty this species undergoes in the autumn as they start hoarding food for the winter.

During some years when the species has a very good reproductive season or there is a crop failure of whatever they generally feed on in a given area they move out to other areas. Jays hate flying across water so that at migration watchpoints such as Falsterbo they can be seen attempting to migrate a short way but almost invariably turn back again.

In order to reach Øygarden they must cross the fjords but this is a short crossing and land is always visible for them. In Jay years flocks will start turning up any time between 20 September and 10 October. Numbers then drop rapidly but a few can overwinter in the relatively few areas of suitable habitat in Øygarden where they probably also breed in small numbers.

On Gullfjell they can occasionally turn up on the slopes together with migrating thrushes - these attractive birds then make for interesting migrants.
Eurasian Jay

According to my observations Jays irrupted in SW Norway during 1999 (24.09.99 Gullfjell), 2005 and 2007

Jay, Hatten, Øygarden, October 2019
Jay are normally a shy species but also regular in garden where they can become much tamer.....
Here from Hatten, Øygarden, October 2020

Jay hoarding nuts, Øygarden, October 2010
Collecting peanuts for the winter

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