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Jack Snipe - Kvartbekkasin - Lymnocryptes minimus
Bécassine sourde - Zwergschnepfe - Agachadiza Chica

Jack Snipe are a regular autumn visitor in Øygarden and can be seen pretty much anywhere. They are often turn up after strong winds with a southerly component and rain.

Jack Snipe - kvartbekkasin
Pitcure taken at Hernar, Øygarden, 09 October 2008

Jack Snipe
A more typical view, Herdlevær, Øygarden, October 2007

Jack Snipe, Hatten, Øygarden, December 2012
Above and below: Overwintering Jack Snipe at Hatten, Øygarden, December 2012
Cold snaps force birds to any unfrozen areas at the coast - often making them easier to find.

Jack Snipe, Hatten, Øygarden, December 2012

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