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House Sparrow - Gråspurv - Passer domesticus
Gråsparv - Gråspurv - Varpunen

This cheerful species is perhaps more connected to humans than any other. It can be seen over huge areas of the world from inner cities to dusty Australian outback. Much overlooked by birders these birds can provide plenty of entertainment.

One of the books I remember reading best as a child "Sold for a Farthing" and was about a House Sparrow in  England during the blitz.

House Sparrow

This bird may well have some Spanish Sparrow in its ancestory, Platanias, Crete, 05 October 2006

All shots below taken in my garden at Tjeldstø in Øygarden, Norway, January 2010

Female House Sparrow

male House Sparrow

male House Sparrow

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