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Hooded Crow - Kråke - Corvus corone
Kråke - Kråge- Nokivaris

Hooded Crow are a species lots of people love to hate and they certainly put a lot of pressure on the local breeding waders.

However, they do have their uses - they are part of the staple winter diet of local raptors and are regularly taken by Goshawk, Peregrine and Eagle Owl. Always on the lookout and invariably curious this is a species worth paying attention to as they often show the way to more interesting species.....

Recently fledged Hooded Crow
Recently fledged Hooded Crow, Tjeldstø, June 2010

Hooded Crow
Tjeldstø, 07 March 2006

Hooded Crow
Herdlevær, 30 December 2005

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