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Common Goldeneye - KvinandBucephala clangula
Knipa HvinandTelkkä (Sotka) - Garrot å oeil d'or

This species is one of the commonest winter visitors to Øygarden and is seen both on the sea, usually in sheltered coves, and in freshwater. Occasionally Goldeneye are seen well into the spring, but there has been no hard proof of breeding.

For details of occurrence at Skogsøy see this link

Male Goldeneye male Common Goldeneye
Male, Tjeldstø, March 2008
Male, Tjeldstø, March 2008

Goldeneye, Galtsjøen, Engerdal

Goldeneye, Galtsjøen, Engerdal
Goldeneye are one of the commonest breeding wildfowl in Engerdal. These pictures were taken at Galtsjøen, Engerdal in June 2016

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