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White-throated Dipper - Fossekall - Cinclus cinclus
Strömstare - VandstærKoskikara - Waterspreeuw - Wasseramsel - Cincle plongeur - Mirlo Acuático

White-throated Dipper

Norway's national bird, Dipper, are a scarce autumn and winter migrant in Øygarden. They have been heard singing in March which may indicate that they also breed here from time to time. However, they are a common enough species in the Bergen area - including Gullfjell. They are also very much a feature of birding in Engerdal, Hedmark.

Occurrence of Dipper in Øygarden, Norway
Occurrence of Dipper in Øygarden. Source:
There are some double records here and some repeat sightings of the same individual - but this still gives a good idea of when this species turns up.

Black-bellied Dipper, Engerdal
Black-bellied Dipper, Isterfossen, Engerdal, October 2014
DSLR with 400mm telephoto lens, hand-held

Lapwing, Unneland, Bergen, April 2015
Gullfjell, April 2015
DSLR with 400mm telephoto lens, hand held

White-throated Dipper White-throated Dipper
Gullfjell, Bergen, 25 April 2007  Gullfjell, Bergen, 25 April 2007
digiscoping, digibinning, bird photography

Incubating Dipper
Incubating Dipper, Gullfjell, May 2007

Pictures taken with a Canon EOS400D with a Sigma 70-300mm telephoto lens

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