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Common Scoter - Svartand - Melanitta nigra
Sjoorre - Sortand -Mustalintu - Trauerente - Macreuse noire

In Øygarden Common Scoter can be seen at any time of year; it overwinters in varying numbers and is common during seawatches from Skogsøy during migration - which for this species happens more or less all year round.

Common Scoter - svartand
Digiscoped at Alvheim, Øygarden, January 2006

Common Scoter migration at Skogsøy

Common Scoter - svartand
Øygarden, 23 May 2009 (DSLR and 400mm telephoto lens - hand held)

Migrating flock of Common Scoter
Migrating flock of Common Scoter, North Sea, November 2011

Common Scoter at Stag Rocks
Common Scoter are a common sight at Stag Rocks, Northumberland. Picture taken April 2009
Flocks of Scoter off Bamburgh have included some really nice surprises - it really is worth working through these flocks!

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