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Common Rosefinch  - Rosenfink - Carpodacus erythrinus
Rosenfink - Karmindompap - Punavarpunen - Roodmus - Karmingimpel - Roselin cramoisi - Camachuelo Carminoso

Common Rosefinch

Common Rosefinch, Hjelme, Øygarden, November 2010

Common Rosefinch are a rare but regular visitor to Øygarden probably occurring almost annually. This species has been seen in both spring and autumn. Observer effort (or lack of it) is probably the main reason this species has not been seen more often in the area. A male has even been observed singing at Tjeldstø....

Hernar is one of the best places to connect with this species.

Common Rosefinch

Common Rosefincht, Hernar, Øygarden, 16 September 2009

Common Rosefinch, Tjeldstø, October 2012
Common Rosefinch in my garden, 23 October 2012 - species #166 for the garden!

Common Rosefinch, Heggeriset, Engerdal, Hedmar, June 2018
Common Rosefinch, Heggeriset, Engerdal, Hedmark, June 2018.
Apparrently the first record for Engerdal!
Common Rosefinch are commoner in the east of Norway

Rosefinch, Hjelme, Øygarden, September 2018
Rosefinch, Hjelme, Øygarden, September 2018


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