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Bluethroat - Blåstrupe - Luscinia svecica
Blåhake  - Blåhals - Sinirinta - Blauwborst - Blaukehlchen - Pechiazul - Gorgebleue à miroir

Above and below were taken on the Hardangervidda using a DSLR and 400mm telephoto lens (handheld) on the same day, 20 June 2009. Note that it is the Red-spotted Bluethroat that is "common" in Norway.



Red-spotted Bluethroat, Hardangervidda, 24 June 2004 (ISO 200)
Digiscoped with a Nikon Coolpix 4500.

White-spotted Bluethroat, Lanzarote
White-spotted Bluethroat, Ranchos Park, Lanzarote, March 2012
This migrant was part of a record influx to the eastern Canary Islands in March 2012
For more about birding Lanzarote click here.

Ringed Bluethroat, Herdlevær, near Bergen, Norway
Bluethroat are surprisingly rare in Øygarden so this bird was a nice surprise, Herdlevær, May 2016
Picture taken using a superzoom camera - useful for such in-hand photographs

This species is one of the specialities of the Hardangervidda, within easy reach of Bergen, Norway

Juvenile Bluetroat, Fokstumyra, Oppland, Norway, July 2017
One of many juvenile Bluethroats seen at Fokstumyra, Oppland, Norway, July 2017,

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