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Siberian Jay  - Lavskrike - Perisoreus infaustus
Lavskrika - Lavskrige - Kuukkeli - Taigagaai - Unglückshäher - Mésangeai imitateur - Arrendajo Funesto

Siberian Jay, Engerdal, Norway

Siberian Jay, Engerdal, Norway

Siberian Jay, Engerdal, Norway
Above: Siberian Jay, Engerdal, Norway, June 2016
This bird was in a family group that were occupied with raiding Brambling nests - they were incredibly active and being mobbed constantly by Brambling and other passerines. This bird stopped for a short time and was so close it was difficult to fit the whole bird in the frame!

Siberian Jay

Siberian Jay, Kvisleflået, Engerdal,  July 2014

Siberian Jay with Willow Warbler
Siberian Jay with what is probably a young Willow Warbler, Kvisleflået, Engerdal, July 2014

Siberian Jay are a target species for many  birders visiting Norway. Once in the right place they are not hard to find and will often find you first. They are naturally inquisitive and not shy at all - making them an ideal subject for photography. During my visits to this area photography has not been a priority so I did little other than take some record shots. Vegetation getting in the way was the biggest problem!

They are obviously very resourceful and omniverous - taking anything that is available including young birds - in the above photo the bird was taken in flight and consumed within a very short space of time.

Siberian Jay

Siberian Jay, Kvisleflået, Engerdal, July 2014
One of the golden rules of bird photography is adhered to here - if the bird is posing well and in focus there will be a twig in the way!


Siberian Jay, Engerdal, October 2019
Sometimes the background is an interesting as the bird!

Siberian Jay, Engerdal, October 2019

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