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(Greater) Scaup - Bergand - Aythya marila
Bergand  - Bjergand - Lapasotka - Toppereend - Bergente - Fuligule milouinan - Porrón Bastardo

Greater Scaup, Rekjavik, Iceland

Female Greater Scaup, Rekajavik town centre, Iceland, June 2008
Pictures taken with a DLSR and a 400mm telephoto lens

Scaup is a species that has always made a day out in the field worthwhile; back in Northumberland there were places this species was a common winter visitor. In Øygarden it is seen mostly during the late autumn but can turn up in both winter and spring. The breeding population on the Hardangervidda is declining - seemingly due to drowning in fishing nets and disturbance - the use of which is increasing as more and more Norwegians build cabins into the mountains.

Female Scaup, Heggøy, Øygarden

Above and below: Scaup at Heggøy, Øygarden, Norway, 05 December 2008

Scaup pair, Heggøy, Øygarden

Pair of Scaup in flight
Above and below: Migrating Scaup, German Sector of the North Sea, November 2011

Pair of Scaup in flight

Scaup at Skogsøy

Scaup at Tjeldstø
A Scaup whose identity has been questioned, Tjeldstø, Øygarden, August 2011
I see no reason why this bird should not be a Scaup (although the back is rather dark and the time of year is off)
Picture taken with DSLR and 400mm lens (hand held)

Scaup, Vurrusjøen, Engerdal, October 2015

Above and below: Scaup, Vurrusjøen, Engerdal, Hedmark, October 2015
The status of this species in Engerdal is unclear but it is obviously reasonably regular.
These autumn aythya can be something of a head scratcher and to be honest are not always straightforward to separate from each other - especially in poor light conditions

Scaup, Vurrusjøen, Engerdal, October 2015

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