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Radde's Warbler - Viersanger - Phylloscopus schwarzi
Pilesanger - Videsångare - Siperianuunilintu - Radde's boszanger - Bartlaubsänger - Mosquitero de Schwarz - Pouillot de Schwarz

Radde's Warbler
The first Radde's Warbler for Øygarden, Toft, Øygarden, 14 October 2014

This Radde's Warbler turned up near Toft in Øygarden on 14 October 2014, it was caught by a local ringer and was the first record for Øygarden. I heard about it whilst preparing to go to offshore - and is so often with these rarities presented a major dilemma about how to get to see it. No one responded to calls - not surprisingly most normal people were at work. After several changes in contingency plans the other local birder in Øygarden came through and we set off to see it - finding a Turtle Dove just a few hundred metres from my house on the way.

A few twitchers from the city dropped everything and made it out before it was released.

Radde's Warbler
Toft, Øygarden, 14 October 2014
A 400mm telephoto lens wasn't the best thing to take an in-hand picture with but it was all I had with me.

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