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Manx Shearwater - Havlire - Puffinus puffinus

Almindelig skråpe - Mindre lira - Pikkuliitäjä - Vale pijlstormvogel - Noordse pijlstormvogel - Schwarzschnabel-Sturmtaucher - Puffin des Anglais - Pardela Pichoneta

Manx Shearwater, Iceland, May 2022
Manx Shearwater, Iceland, May 2022
This picture was taken from the ferry to Heimay. Not often a seawatch give such views!

Manx Shearwater are one of my all time favourite birds. They were an integral part of my formative years of birding in North Northumberland.  Here they are quite common and straightforward to see - once you know WHEN to get out to a suitable headland.

Following my move to Norway they achieved "rarity" status, although it turned out that they are commoner than I believed. However, even a single bird still makes a seawatch worthwhile. For more details of this species at Skogsøy (close to Bergen, Norway) see this link.

Manx SHearwaters, Iceland, May 2022
Manx fantasy - a decent flock at good range

Manx Shearwater
In strong sunlight (not the usual conditions to see this species during seawatches!) they can appear much paler and give a rather different impression..

Manx Shearwater, Iceland, May 2022
Manx Shearwater, Heimay, Iceland, May 2022

Manx Shearwater, Iceland, May 2022
If only such flocks were commoner at Skogsøy, Øygarden, Norway
Photographed off Heimay, Iceland, May 2022

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