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Little Grebe - Dvergdykker - Tachybaptus ruficollis
Smådopping - Lille Lappedykker  - Pikku-uikku

Little Grebe in breeding plumage
Little Grebe in breeding plumage, Lake Aghia, Crete, July 2009

Little Grebe
Breivik, Øygarden, November 2009

Little Grebe
Little Grebe, Sæle, SW Norway, 09 October 2007

Little Grebe (or dabchicks as they are sometimes known as) is a regular but uncommon visitor to Øygarden, usually turning up in the late autumn or winter. There seem to be two types of occurrence, normal migration in the autumn and hard weather movements later in the winter. The species prefers sheltered bays on the west side of Øygarden and is most often observed on the sea. Occasionally they turn up on freshwater - invariably at Tjeldstø. They are masters of concealment and can quite easily dive and vanish entirely, hiding in seaweed with only their beaks above the surface.

Little Grebe
Typical shot, interesting vortex as it dives though...

Pictures taken using a digital SLR camera with a 400mm telephoto lens (hand held)

Occurrence of Little Grebe in Øygarden

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