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Hawk Owl - Haukugle - Surnia ulula
Høgeugle - Hökuggla - Hiiripöllö - Sperweruil - Sperbereule - Chouette épervière - Lechuza Gavilana

Hawk Owl are a target species for many birders visiting Norway. They are generally an upland or eastern species and the species has only been recorded once in Øygarden. Further inland from Bergen the species is much more regular - though never predictable. One of my all time best birding experiences was finding my very first one in the middle of winter on Gullfjell - at a time of year when expectations of something decent are minimal at best a Hawk Owl will make the day!

Hawk Owl, Øygarden
The first documented Hawk Owl for Øygarden, October 2013
DSLR with 400mm telephoto lens, hand-held

Hawk Owl in flight Hawk Owl, Øygarden
Hawk Owl in flight, Øygarden, October 2013  Hawk Owl, October 2013
Engerdal in Hedmark in the east of Norway is one of the other places I have come across this species - altogether more predictable in this part of Norway.

Hawk Owl, Øygarden
Hawk Owl, Øygarden, October 2013

Hawk Owl in flight, Engerdal, September 2016
Hawk Owl in flight, Engerdal, September 2016

Hawk Owl, Engerdal, September 2016
Hawk Owl, Engerdal, September 2016

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