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Grasshopper Warbler - Gresshoppesanger - Locustella naevia
Gräshoppsångare - Græshoppesanger - Pensassirkkalintu - Sprinkhaanzanger - Feldschwirl - Locustelle tachetée - Buscarla Pintoja

Grasshopper Warbler is a species I grew up with at Stag Rocks, Bamburgh, Northumberland. They sang from the dunes all the way from Bamburgh Castle to Budle Bay.

In Hordaland, Norway, they are rather scarcer but are found regularly in suitable habitat. In Øygarden they are scarcer still - the pictures below may represent the first documented record - a male singing on the island of Hernar. This bird stayed at least several days.

Grasshopper Warbler
A very skulking species this individual showed itself for just a few seconds before scuttling off into the undergrowth again.
Hernar, Øygarden, May 2011

Singing Grasshopper Warbler
Singing Grasshopper Warbler, Hernar, Øygarden, 10 May 2011

Singing Grasshopper Warbler, Hernar, Øygarden
Singing bird, Hernar, June 2012

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