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Eagle Owl - Hubro - Bubo bubo
Berguv - Stor hornugle - Uhu - Huuhkaja - Grand-duc d'Europe

Eagle owl are at the top of the food chain and can kill just about anything - even up to the size of Grey Herons which they take regularly.  There are few natural enemies but unfortunately they have no defence against power lines which can electrocute and / or be collided with.

It seems  that the potential for  Eagle Owl collisions with power lines is either  not considered or, perhaps worse, ignored by planners. Small wonder then that this species is on the Norwegian Red Data list .....

Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl - hubro - Bubo bubo

Eagle Owl
September 2009

Eagle Owl - hubro - Bubo bubo
March 2009
Typical view of this magnificent species

Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl hunting just before dawn, April 2019

Hooded Crows are a favourite prey item for Eagle Owls but in daylight things can turn out quuite differently.....

Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl
Hooded Crows can be amazingly aggresive towards Eagle Owls....perhaps it is their way of getting their own back on this top predator.

Eagle Owl rescued from fencing wire
From time to time I receive calls to go out and rescue birds - I dropped everything to go and disentangle this bird from a wire fence.
Things looked promising for a while and it was taken into care but sadly died a few days later.
Encounters with various man-made hazards seem to account for a significant proportion og Eagle Owl deaths.....

Eagle Owl - hubro - Bubo bubo

And the after effects of a power line.....

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High resolution versions of most images on this site are available for use. Please contact me for use or for other enquiries.

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