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Barn Owl - Tårnugle - Tyto alba
Tornuggla - Slørugle - Tornipöllö - Kerkuil - Schleiereule - - Grand-duc d'Europe - Lechuza Común

Barn Owl are a real rarity in Norway with only seven records recorded in artsdatabasen since 1900. This migrant bird turned up onboard a vessel in the Norwegian sector in late October 2011. It is not the first offshore record for Norway - one was recorded at ULA on 26-27 September 2006.

These photos were taken using only a mobile telephone!! The bird remained onboard for at least a couple of days.

Offshore Barn Owl

WGS84 Coordinates for this find were N 57 degrees 11' 18", E 00 degrees 40' 17"

Offshore Barn Owl

Offshore Barn Owl

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