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Bird-watching and Beautifying the Landscape Around Your Home

Bird-watching is an educational and family-friendly activity that nearly anyone can enjoy. While some may take bird-watching vacations, go on tours or take leisure bird walks, it can be just as satisfying as an at-home hobby. In fact, there are many bird-watching hobbyists who start right in their own backyard. When bird-watching at home, one can enjoy their beauty at any time whether lounging on their backyard patio or looking out the kitchen window while sipping coffee. To get the most enjoyment from bird-watching, however, one should create an outdoor environment that appeals to birds and humans alike.

To get started, one needs the basic bird-watching tools such as a pair of binoculars, a bird identification booklet, and a notebook for sketching or jotting down details. Ideally, one's guidebook should reflect the type of birds that are common to the region and most likely to be seen. Although birds in the yard can be viewed at a relatively close distance, binoculars allow for an up-close and detailed view and are crucial to avoid any disturbance of their natural behavior. While a guidebook and binoculars are necessary when it comes to viewing birds, landscaping around the home is just as important.

Homeowners can use landscaping to not only beautify their yards but to also attract birds. When choosing bird-friendly plants, one can start by thinking of the types of birds they want to see and what they prefer to eat, such as nectar or fruit for example. Ideally, one should plant a combination of plants as food sources, to attract the widest range of birds. Birds also require cover and water. Birdbaths are an appealing water source for birds, as are yard ponds or decorative water fountains. Cover can come in the form of low bushes or shrubs and trees. Trees and plants serve as nesting sites for birds as well.

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